How can I ensure my employees have adequate financial provision?

  • Compulsory accident insurance UVG (statutory benefits in the event of work-related or non work-related accident and work-related illness affecting your employees)
  • Supplementary accident insurance UVG (cover for salaries in excess of the UVG maximum, lump-sum death benefit, disability benefit for physical impairment, gross negligence, hospital costs in a private ward).
  • Daily allowance for lost earnings in the event of sickness (after the waiting period given in the policy, the insurance company will guarantee payment of the allowance to your employees for two years as a general rule)
  • Occupational benefits (LPP) (in addition to the OASI/DI benefits an occupational benefits plan adapted to the structure of your company is a worthwhile and appreciated benefit for your employees)

What other types of cover can give my employees additional security?

  • Travel insurance (costs for medical assistance abroad, lost luggage, delayed flights etc).