insurance management mandate

Our remit is based on the management mandate you entrust to us. The mandate is regulated by the Swiss Code of Obligations and can be rescinded at any time. Please note that any change in cover, cancellation and acceptance of settlement in the event of a loss will always be underwritten on your side. Assidu will be there to uphold your interests, supporting you and acting as your intermediary with the insurance company.

Once we have received the mandate you will tell us which companies you are contracted to. We will then promptly ask the companies in question to provide us with a copy of your current policies. We will analyse the policies and present you with an overview of your entire insurance portfolio. We will also submit an optimisation proposal for your current policies and possible new insurance solutions.
Your Assidu advisors will guarantee their ongoing support until the insurance policies have been amended to meet your requirements.
You can see below how your contact with Assidu compares to that of a traditional insurance agent: